29 fast-rising independent female artists join forces to tackle gender inequality on International Women’s Day. On Friday 8th March 2019, International Women’s Day (IWD), 29 of the fastest rising female artists from 7 countries are joining forces to release a powerful compilation album. T​urn Her Up (album) will face up to the astonishing gender imbalance that exists within the music industry, whilst celebrating the vital role that female artists have played in shaping the discourse of popular music. Artists including, ​Pixie Lott​, ​Emma Heesters​ ​and ​Mariana Nolasco​ ​will each release a stunning rendition of tracks originally performed and/or written by iconic female musicians. Released as part of the ​#TurnHerUp​ campaign, the group who have a combined social reach of 35+ million are raising awareness of the startlingly disproportionate gender divide across the music industry.
With all areas considered, the industry is estimated to be ​70% male vs 30% female​. Equally concerning statistics show that just 30% of senior music executives, 17% of PRS registered songwriters, and a mere 5% of UK sound-engineers, are female. These statistics are often overlookeddue to the massive success of a handful of female mega-stars. However, the harsh reality of such success is that it is often dictated, orchestrated and packaged by an industry that is rife with misogyny.

“More women need to feel empowered and feel that they’re not alone in this industry. That’s why the Turn Her Up campaign is important to me,​” said Phillipino singer-songwriter Clara Benin, who is covering Lorde’s hit “Team”. In such a tumultuous environment, it can be extremely difficult for talented female artists to both, breakthrough, and then sustain a career in music. That’s why the campaign aims to celebrate the resilient women who are doing just that and smashing it. “Celebrating, calling attention to, and taking action around International Women’s Day is really important because I want to see a music industry where there’s 50% women in my lifetime. I’m only 14, but I already see the problem… and I want to be a part of fixing that problem in the Gen Z community,​” explained singer and internet sensation Jayden Bartells, who is dropping a cover of Billie Eilish’s “Hostage”. All of the cover art for the campaign has been created by female designers, including ​Emmy Smith​, who has built a large online following through her work. #TurnHerUp is all about celebrating and empowering females across music & the wider creative industries. “This campaign is huge for women in music who have fought to be represented all throughout history. It’s important that we lift the women in our world up. My inspirations are my mother and so many powerful female artists around the globe. Very proud and excited to be a part of this movement,​” said Emily Blue, who is covering Blondie’s “Call Me”. Each artist will release a single on International Women’s Day (8th March 2019), whichwill also feature on the Turn Her Up compilation album, out the same day. Shareable link: ​http://link.frtyfve.com/TurnHerUp 

(live on Friday 8th March)The full list of contributors is as follows:
PixieLott​,​CarlyPaige​,​ISA​,A​ rcticLake​,​BaileyJehl​,​AmandaYang​,​LizzieLoveless​,​Jayden Bartells​, ​Emma Heesters​, ​Julia Ross​, ​Mia Gladstone​, ​Madeline Kenney​, ​Clara Benin​, Jasmine V​, ​Kathleen​, ​Sophie Rose​, ​Mariana Nolasco,​ ​Dyson​, ​Sarah Walk​, ​RuthAnne​, ​Emily Blue ​, ​Lyves​, ​Maygen Lacey​, ​Linney​, K​ atelyn Tarver​, ​Kara Marni​, ​Yasmeen,​ ​Evalyn​, ​Alexa Goddard
The track listing:

  1. My Favourite Game – Arctic Lake
  2. Bleeding Love – ISA
  3. You’re Still The One – Bailey Jehl
  4. Cool – Katelyn Tarver
  5. Can’t Hurry Love – Julia Ross
  6. Survivor – RuthAnne
  7. What’s Love Got To Do With It – Pixie Lott
  1. Need Somebody – Kara Marni
  2. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Lizzie Loveless
  3. The Circle Game – Sarah Walk
  4. Love On Top – Sophie Rose
  5. Heart Of Glass – Evalyn
  6. Hostage – Jayden Bartels
  7. Leave – Amanda Yang
  8. Call Me – Emily Blue
  9. Nick Of Time – Madeline Kenney
  10. Alexa Goddard – Dreams
  11. Maygen Lacey – Wolves
  12. Into You – Emma Heesters
  13. Big Yellow Taxi – Mari Nolasco
  14. Stone Cold – Yasmeen
  15. Dreams – Lyves
  16. Team – Clara Benin
  17. It’s Too Late – Mia Gladstone
  18. Only Girl In The World – Dyson
  19. I Think We’re Alone Now – Linney
  20. Best Mistake – Carly Paige
  21. Both Sides Now – Kathleen
  22. Hands To Myself – Jasmine V